What is Culture Logic Hiring System™?

Developed by HR Guru’s founder, Culture Logic is a competency based recruitment, talent evaluation and selection system designed to identify talent precisely suited to a specific role, but more importantly, suited to the company culture, the department and the team for a strong culture fit.

What separates a candidate who is “endorsed” by Culture Logic™ from other candidates?

Superior Skills and Competency Validated by a Series of Assessments

Outstanding Work History, Progressive Responsibility

Successful Career Achievements

Outstanding Competency Based References

Stellar Attitude & Exceptional Character

Balanced Emotional Intelligence

High Level Of Motivation

Verification Series Concluded



I’d like to see a resume first before we meet

Can’t do. Matching a candidate to a company based only on skill-set or just a resume is highly unreliable and inefficient for the way we run our practice. Our focus is “what you can’t see on paper”.  A solid understanding of your organization’s corporate culture, business goals and company values is always where we start, followed by communicating what your company has to offer the potential employee.

Do you really meet every candidate in person?

Yes. Before we endorse a candidate, we have spent minimum 4 hours profiling/ assessing each candidate in a precise and structured process. We validate super users and super attitudes. We don’t rely on gut instincts or offer subjective opinions. Contingent recruiters (embarrassed to say) have a reputation for taking shortcuts. It’s the nature of whoever gets there first mentality. I have worked with clients who receive resumes from recruiters who have never met the candidate in person. A 15 minute telephone interview and the recruiter sent the candidate on their way. Worse yet, there have been instances where the candidate had no knowledge of the agency who sent them. We do our homework, verify and document everything for your review.

You employ behavioral interviewing, does it work?

Yes. HR Guru has had tremendous success with our customized behavioral interviews. Our clients consistently extend offers to 1 of the 3 candidates we present in 1st round interviews. We are proud to boast of a 98% offer acceptance for all our direct placements.

Research proves that unstructured interviews are highly unreliable. Interviews alone will not ensure that the most qualified candidate is right for the job/organization nor that the candidate hired will perform any better than any other candidate. For example, have you ever hired someone who was a superb interview and the hire ended up being a poor performer?

Statistics show behavioral interviews are 5 times more accurate than the traditional interview for choosing a candidate to can perform the job, and is an organizational fit.

How quickly can you send qualified applicants?

Usually 3 days to 10 days after our initial consultation and after having met our client requirements.

Do you fill other types of specialized positions?

We have done so on limited occasions with success for select clients that we have a history with. While Culture Logic Hiring System can be customized to recruit with success for any profession (marketing, sales, engineering, etc…), our finesse is in finance.

We prefer to use multiple recruiters at once, is that a problem?

Sometimes. We are pleased that you value search firms like ours. However, hiring multiple contingent recruiters can create chaos and fee disputes when not managed properly.

The competition amongst contingent recruiters is tough in this market and many agencies often agree to a reduced fee for fear of losing the order. Some agencies will cut corners to get a candidate in front of you as quickly as the can. We don’t operate that way. We prefer to work with clients who trust that we are going to do what we claim we do best - produce a handful of outstanding professionals who are thoroughly screened, suited for the job and your unique company culture.

 We ask for a contingent "exclusive". Give us the opportunity to demonstrate the value of Culture Logic Hiring System™ in practice by interviewing 3 candidates the first 10 days we do business.  While we can’t keep you from calling several vendors to shorten the hiring cycle, we do rely on full disclosure and frequent communication to manage the process.

I have not had good experiences with recruiters

You haven’t found the right agency/recruiter. Recruiting agencies have a very high turn-over rate. Many recruiters are “lured” into the business by the promise of big commissions only to find there is no fast track to six figures and short cuts will quickly end relationships, kill a career.

The key is finding a tenured recruiter (solo or part of an agency) whose business acumen and values are aligned with yours. Do your homework.



How do you qualify a new client?

Our clients understand that each hire is a chance to improve their bottom line by selecting the right skill set, but more importantly the right mind set for their unique corporate culture. If you are looking for warm bodies and the cheapest rates in town, we are not the agency for you.

Fortune, private mid size and well funded start-ups who need to find top performing financial talent

Corporations experiencing fast growth, expansion, restructure or a critical crunch period

Start-ups and small businesses (>25M) with little to no HR infrastructure, who need help making hiring their competitive advantage and establish a repeat process

High-tech, high growth companies with outstanding reputations in the market place who want Big 4 professionals on their accounting, finance, tax or internal audit team

Do you have any expectations of the client?

Absolutely. We have a good hire checklist we send to each new client to ensure expectations are met on both sides.



Will you provide client references?

Yes. In addition, while you can’t really check the totality of the numbers we boast about, we encourage you to read 29+ actual client and candidate  testimonials on Linkedin. CFO’s, Controllers and HR Professionals who have used HR Guru for multiple placements over the years with long-term success.  -click here to read real client testimonials on Linkedin

In your Linkedin profile, you are listed as the Managing Partner of Chango Design. Can you explain?

Chango Design is a brand identity firm and sister company to HR Guru founded in 2009 as our in-house creative partner which provides brand management and marketing support.



Any extra charges for the assessments / verifications Culture Logic™ conducts for direct hire or temp-to-hire placements?


What are your contingent direct hire fees?

Our fees are 25% of the new hires' base salary for all clients we represent.

What is your mark up on project professionals and AP/AR & Payroll temps?

We don’t post our markups on the web for obvious reasons, but will be happy to discuss numbers with you via email or phone. For quick responses contact our CEO, Cynthia Herrera.

Your competitors charge less, will you reduce your direct hire fees?

Not on single placements. The time and effort we put into talent evaluation is beyond industry standard, yet our fees remain industry competitive for specialized placement. The unstable economy has forced many firms to compete on price over the last few years. We have been fortunate to work with clients who highly value our ability to produce outstanding financial professionals who fit the organization. We encourage you to compare apples to apples, including our fees, which have remained the same since we opened our doors in 2002.

If you are interested in a preferred vendor relationship, we are certainly open to earning your business at a rate that makes sense for both of us.

Will you negotiate your markups on contractors?

Not on single placements. If you seek volume, or have a long term project (90+ days) that requires 5 or more temporaries or project professionals, we are open to negotiating terms.

We want to hire the contractor permanently, is there a fee in addition to the markup?

Yes. The conversion fee is equivalent to the direct hire placement fee (25% of the annual salary). We give you credit for the net margin paid to date and charge you the difference.

Do you offer a guarantee on direct hire placements?

Yes, 6 months. If something goes wrong in the first 6 months, we did not do our job, we skipped a few steps, missed important cues or both. 2002 - 2014, no refunds issued, nor replacements. Our candidates and clients are very happy because we do our homework.

Isn't it much cheaper to post openings on job boards or social media?

Social Media is a small part of the bigger picture. Take inconsideration the timing of your recruitment posts, the quality and frequencies of your posts, and the demographic of your target market and the importance of the position. A solid recruiting strategy leverages all available resources. Social networking sites are extremely valuable tools to promote brand awareness, create an engaging talent brand and generate prospects. Make sure you have a dedicated and experienced resource to interview and screen the volume of applicants. Remember, available talent doesn’t mean qualified talent.

DON’T: Put all your eggs in one basket for a key position that would be better suited as a specialized and/or confidential search.

What do you mean available talent doesn’t mean qualified talent?

There is a significant amount of work to “make a long-term match”. Job posting produces inbound candidates who are not employed. If you rely on job boards, you are literally missing an entire pool of “confidential candidates who aren’t on job boards”. These candidates are head down, immersed in work, searching selectively as their schedule permits and working with retained/contingent recruiters to advise them when opportunities arise that meet their specific requirements.

If you rely on job boards, make sure you have solid internal resources to evaluate each candidate. I recommend a standardized process, a suite of reliable screening tools and an experienced team to match the right performance competencies, align professional attitudes and values for your department, organization and culture.


  • Expect inexperienced hiring managers to hit a home run on hiring talent.
  • Allow the inexperienced hiring manager to interview or make the hiring decision alone.
  • Burden busy/inexperienced hiring managers with unscreened applicants.
  • Make a highly visible position or specialized vacancy a competition amongst your own HR department and multiple contingent recruiters.


What is the difference between posting ads on job boards & sourcing candidates? Isn’t the end result the same?

Not really. Two very different approaches. Produces different results.  Experienced recruiters have established candidate networks to call on. These are candidates that are employed, but would consider a move forward for an opportunity that meets their specific wants and needs. These candidates are head down, working and often don’t have the time to invest in job boards. Most employed passive candidates seek confidentiality.

If recruiters aren’t able to produce a potential candidate from their existing network of readily available passive candidates, the next step is to source candidates directly (cold call and pitch opportunities to the targeted demographic) from similar companies or competitors.

Job posting produces inbound candidates who are not employed. Direct recruitment requires relationship building and a consultative approach. Unemployment has increased the number of resumes, not necessary the number of talented professionals. If you really think about it, most companies hold on to their top performers even in bad times, if they can. DON’T rely solely on job boards for candidate traffic.

  • Take the time to set -up a rewarding employee referral program
  • Establish your talent brand broadcasting your employee value proposition
  • Develop attractive career pages on your website Linkedin, FaceBook, and Twitter
  • Establish relationships with universities, trade schools and junior colleges
  • Invest in an applicant tracking system and develop a primary and secondary coding system that quickly identifies candidates. Keep in touch with candidates who came in second. Treat them with respect, they may be a fit for another opportunity down the road or be willing to refer candidates is if their interview experience was positive.
  • Participate in and leverage large professional organizations to get the word out