Make Hiring Your Competitive Advantage

Culture Logic Hiring System™ is a competency recruitment, evaluation and selection process that sets the standard for finding superstars and keeping them. For every client we represent, we profile top performers in your organization to identify and standardize a set of desired performance competencies and personal attributes which will drive our recruitment and selection process from a behavioral and technical perspective. The results match each candidate to the right corporate culture and ensure expectations are rewarding on both ends for candidate satisfaction and client profitability.

The Discovery Session

Your Company. Your Culture

Does corporate culture really matter in the hiring process? You bet. If you are hiring for profitability, retention starts day one of the hiring process. Understanding your unique corporate culture, company values and mission drives recruitment. It allows the sourcing of the right skill set, but more importantly, the right mind set, what you can’t see on paper.

Our Culture Logic™ Briefs address critical information:

After in-depth consultation, internal and external analysis, we develop 4 distinct Culture Logic briefs which enable us to launch a successful sourcing campaign and drive the recruitment strategy.

The Company Culture

What are the unwritten rules that contribute to your company's unique social and psychological environment?

  • What Drives The Business?
  • What Are Your Values?


The Competency Model

Pinpoints the DNA of top performers within your organization.

  • Technical Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Compatibility Factors
  • Personal Attributes
  • Motivation & Values


The Job Brief

Is much more than a laundry list of responsibilities.

  • Performance Management Tool
  • Tied to Business Goals
  • Compelling Recruitment Tool
  • In-Depth, Accurate & Current
  • Communicates Your Culture


The Culture Logic Score Card

Allows you to gather and build a a complete candidate profile, in an organized detailed document.

  • Facilitates agreement among multiple interviewers
  • Fair to all applicants
  • Clearly outlines the stronger candidate profiles

Recruiting & Retention Strategy

Find superstar. Keep superstar

Recruiting & Retention Strategy

Today’s market has increased the number of resumes therefore, available talent pool does not equal qualified talent. An effective and targeted recruiting strategy includes the following:

  • Identify the target market
  • Utilize competency model and job brief to develop a targeted recruitment strategy and identify sourcing methods
  • Package your talent brand to clearly communicate your value proposition
  • Develop talent brand marketing messages & campaigns
  • Establish applicant screening methodologies
  • Set-up applicant tracking
  • Organize internal recruitment forms

Direct Hire Recruitment is a slow courtship, you have to have something to offer the prospective candidate. If you seek top performers, you don’t attract "A" candidates with a laundry list of duties. You present an opportunity that a superstar will desire.

Temporary Staffing moves rapidly and depends on stringent screening to maneuver through the sheer volume of prospects in today’s market.

Experienced recruiters will have an established network, direct sourcing and target marketing experience. Recruiters approach relationship building in a consultative approach to engage candidates with your talent brand value proposition.



The Talent Evaluation Process

Most of us have made one bad hire

We usually start with a resume, which may or may not be representative of the applicant’s true capabilities. The interviewee may fall in between polished salesman and anxious novice and in an hour or so, we are to decide if this employee can and will contribute like a superstar to the organization on-going. This can be a difficult task for the unprepared or inexperienced interviewer

When a critical, revenue generating position is vacant in your company, validated screening tools allow for faster and profitable hiring decisions.


Each candidate is given the opportunity to demonstrate the targeted performance competencies, personal attributes and work place values we outlined for the role in The Competency Model through the following:

Behavioral Interviews

  • Improve job match and culture by 55%.
  • Strong technical fit doesn't mean highly motivated.
  • Interest, enthuse, and professional values evolve at different stages in one’s career.
  • A focal point in our interview is to gauge a candidate's genuine motivation in moving forward with a potential employer.

Compatibility Factors

  • Poor compatibility can cause HR issues, cost the company money and decreases morale.
  • We explore attitudes, professional values and character to understand candidate makeup.
  • We evaluate emotional intelligence (self awareness, self management, social awareness and social skills) to hire professionals that fit well together.

Personality Profiling

  • Allows insight into the interaction style, character traits and behavioral patterns, and can validate job fit.
  • The ability to measure critical soft skills allows for a harmonious integration into the existing team dynamics and company culture.

Skills Assessments

  • 1600+ skill assessments allow us to quickly validate and identify high achieving candidates which assist our clients in making faster and more accurate hiring decisions.
  • Identify qualified applicants who will give you the highest return on your investment.
  • Measure job related experience and knowledge, software proficiencies and specific competencies critical to the role.
  • Understand the depth and scope of each candidates skill set to help identify promotable and "advanced learner" aptitudes.

 Documented Verification

  • We do our home work and confirm the facts in writing
  • Competency based references provided
  • Employment dates & eligibility for re-hire
  • Comprehensive background screen
  • Degree confirmation & associated academic history
  • Certifications, licenses & associated professional history
  • Hair follicle drug screens

The Selection Process

The Culture Logic™ Scorecard

Keeping track of which candidates have the most to offer can be a challenge for interviewers. There are several reasons to standardize the rating system.

  • Relying on memory or taking notes on a resume is inefficient.
  • Unintentional discriminatory notes could expose you legally.
  • Studies indicate that interviewers often attach a disproportionate significance to appearance and personality at the expense of basic job related qualifications. We call this (The Halo Effect).
  • It provides an agreed upon metric (objective criteria) versus subjective, personal opinions.

We have developed an easy to use rating format that is easy to customize. Culture Logic Scorecard™ allows you to gather and build a complete candidate profile in an organized, detailed document. A standardized rating system that is fair to all applicants and when used consistently among all interviewers, it greatly improves the efficiency of the selection process, clearly outlining the stronger candidate profiles.


We call that good hire ROI


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Offer, Acceptance & Engagement

Good Hire ROI

Make the offer confident that your decision is based on quantifiable behaviors and documented proven ability, not gut instincts, applicant chemistry nor surface impressions.

Culture Logic™ is a scalable hiring system, easy to customize and implement at any level of the organization.

Develop hiring practices to match your culture and business goals

Identify technically skilled professionals that are an organizational fit for strategic growth and profitability

Shorten hiring cycles, facilitate agreement among multiple interviewers and improve your bottom line through retention