Only one person will get the offer, will it be you?


What do you offer a prospective employer?

Are you communicating it on your resume?

Can you demonstrate it in an interview?

If you are unsure, your resume isn’t ready to send and you surely aren’t prepared to sell yourself in an interview.

Get The Offer Interview Coaching™ is for any professional who desires to improve their presentation and marketability to compete in today’s saturated job market. Our coaching program offers a dynamic frame work to bring forward your most outstanding competencies, unique personal attributes and select key achievements allowing you to sell yourself confidently with an authentic resume, a dynamic on line profile and an interview that “gets the offer”.


There are no secret keywords or short cuts.
Bottom line, you get out what you put in.


Resume Toolkit and Session: Through inventories and assessments (your personal and professional DNA), we build a personalized competency model which outlines unique personal attributes, key competencies and select accomplishments. You will use that knowledge to market yourself in an authentic and confident manner on paper (your resume) and in person (the interview).

Targeted Job Search Strategy Session: An action plan designed to teach you to rely less on job boards, target select opportunities, leverage your professional networks and use social media to enhance your marketability to build a wide-reaching search campaign.

Interview Preparation Session: A  mock interview and scorecard designed to diagnose presentation blind spots before you ever walk into an interview. Learn to “interview the interviewer”, gather relevant 360° insight and recognize worthwhile opportunities where your values match the prospective employers. Sell yourself confidently in panel interviews, learn how to prepare for a behavioral interview and leverage our comprehensive guide filled with industry resources, checklists, reference material.

GET THE OFFER™ Coaching Program Pricing:

Resume Toolkit and Session: $450

Targeted Job Search Session: $299

Interview Preparation Session: $299





Executive  Coaching  and Training Hourly Rates:


By Phone, Skype™ or FaceTime™

$99 Per 1/2 Hour


In person

$99 Per 1/2 Hour


Linkedin Profile Building

$99 Per Hour


Linkedin Networking and Job Search Training

$99 Per Hour



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