Recruiting and Retention:

What’s The Big Deal?

Retention begins day one of the hiring process.

Organizations that have taken the time to build a magnetic talent brand, understand the value of aligning their unique corporate culture to their hiring practices.Companies like [Google, Southwest Airlines, Sewell Motors], dominate their industries. These global and regional players have turned the widespread talent shortage dilemma into a much more desirable issue, that of “talent sorting".

[Contagious] Enthuse: Motivated Employees

Employees suited to the role and motivated by the organization's culture settle in quick, are eager to learn, adapt to variance and infuse positive morale to the workplace

[Wild] Output: Performance Competencies

People operating from their greatest strengths are naturally more productive and produce  higher quality

[Vested] Connections: Culture Alignment

Candidates whose values are aligned with the culture and the the team  stay longer, build strong peer relationships and heighten customer engagement

[Abundant] Yield: Good Hire ROI

The results of hiring for both job fit and culture fit create a positive impact on critical business outcomes and drive consistent performance across business units. Bad hires drag down employee morale and market share. Everyone pays for bad hires, the customers, the department, the company, the shareholders.


That’s the [big] deal.

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