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Culture Logic Hiring System ™

We represent outstanding professionals who stand out among their peers because of their superb attitude and their commitment to success. Our temporaries are a thriving part of our business, our clients depend on you, we depend on you.

The Paperwork

Confirm we have your resume in a WORD | PDF format  prior to your scheduled evaluation c.herrera@hrguru.com

Be willing to revise your resume as needed to include a complete employment profile with accurate dates, salary history in a 2 page professional format

Our Application for Employment

Must be complete and emailed to us 3 days PRIOR to your scheduled evaluation. We must be able verify your employment history, any academic achievements, college hours to date and that you have a clear criminal background

We require complete employment dates (month, date and year), corporate addresses, current office numbers and corporate emails of each former direct supervisor for each position you have held over the last 5 years (all permanent positions and all contract positions/assignments through other staffing agencies). We do not call other recruiters for references, we call the client.

Talent evaluations will not be conducted with incomplete applications.  We will reschedule until you can provide the complete applicant profile

Required Professional References

In our application, we require you to list  the following:

Current office number and corporate email of each former direct supervisor for each permanent position you have held, including all contract assignments through other staffing agencies (or on your own) you have worked for

We will only accept former supervisors, their corporate phone numbers and corporate emails as contact methods for each reference you provide. We highly recommend you contact your references prior to our evaluation and advise them that a HR Guru Staffing Manager will be contacting them


Specialized Skills Sheet Inventory

Enter the number of month/years of on the job experience you have, if college  is the only training you have for the particular skill, mark “C” in the slot or leave it blank

What to Bring to Your Talent Evaluation

Your original social security card

A current driver’s license, ID or passport

A copy of your completed application in full

A copy your updated resume to take notes on

If you do not have these items, we will reschedule until you can provide them


Location of Interview

Click here for directions/parking instructions to our office, we offer multiple meeting locations.

Allow a minimum of 2 hours for the entire evaluation process. For those who candidates who are employed and cannot complete the evaluation in 2 hours, we offer after hour and weekend appointments on a limited basis or as many visits as you may need to complete the assessments.

Dress as you would for an actual in person interview

Our lobby | test center cannot accommodate guests or children,
we appreciate your courtesy



The Behavioral Interview

Our interviews are behavioral based. If you are not familiar with behavioral-based interview, we encourage you to become familiar with the method. This type of interview may pose a challenge to some or feel stressful to you if you have never been interviewed in this manner

For each career opportunity we staff, we customize a behavioral interview based on our client’s needs based on  profiling top performers in their organization

Our behavioral interviews are comprised of 12-15 questions. There are no right or wrong answers, but the questions do require in-depth answers which require you to think on your feet and showcase your personal attributes and a select set of competencies we have outlined for the role

Personality Profiling | Assessments

You will take a suite of standard and customized personality / behavioral profiles. Standard tests include Emotional Intelligence, Meyers-Briggs and The Assertive Profile

We will share the results with you to encourage feedback before we share your complete profile with our clients. This is not the sole basis for making a decision, just one of many components of our Culture Logic Hiring System

The Technical Assessments

You will be asked to take a suite of standardized/customized tests (usually 2-3) depending on the job, the role you are filling. In order to be considered, you must pass the skills test with 80% at the intermediate level

Sample Accounting Tests

AP, AR, Payroll, Full Charge Bookkeeping and General Ledger Knowledge

Excel & specialized G/L software as needed: Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, Great Plains, etc…

Verifications Series

We verify everything for our clients and provide a written profile to each client

Academic background (degrees received, dates of attendance)

Eligibility for re-hire and dates of employment for each employer

We check criminal backgrounds prior to our scheduled talent evaluations

References are provided in writing to our clients

We conduct hair follicle drug screens

We run credit checks when the job deems you handling money


Thank you in advance for your hard work and allowing HR Guru to share in your success.

See you soon,

Cynthia Herrera

Chief Executive Guru,  Head Coach

Rosewood Court   2101 Cedar Springs Road   Suite 1050   Dallas, Texas 75201    Office 214.422.0026

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